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2023 & 2024 COMPETITIONS

We’ve come up with this proposed comp calendar for the remainder of 2023 and 2024, but we need your input.

Now, the calendar above is a little different to what you are used to, and there are 2 reasons for that.

1️⃣ Because we are sharing the workload of running Static Monsters with Townsville, next year we have capacity to run an extra competition.

2️⃣ Now that we are affiliated with APL we need to work around National events, to give you guys the opportunity for progression within Powerlifting. We also want you to get ‘more bang for your membership buck’, by running additional sanctioned comps. That was the reason for announcing the mystery Dec APL comp at the beginning of this year. It was always going to be a Deadlift Only comp, but we just needed to see how we felt after DNPC before committing to another comp. And luckily for you guys we are feeling pretty darn good!


Remember, APL memberships are valid for a year from the date of purchase.

If you purchased one for the Mar23 ZeroW Cairns comp, it will be valid for our Dec23 Deadlift only comp.  If you purchased one for our Jul23 DNPC it will be valid for our Dec23 Deadlift only & Mar24 Qualifier comp.  If you haven’t purchased one and want to do our Dec23 Deadlift only comp, it will also be valid for our Mar24 Qualifier and Sept24 DNPC.


So if you have even so much as thought about competing in a powerlifting or strongman comp, then we need you to fill in this really short survey below.